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Get high quality medical translation services from Translate Universal. Medical translation needs one of the most professional translators specializing in translation of medical material and also in medical records.

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Medical translation is a highly unique discipline and so it should only be carried out by credible and certified and qualified translators.

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Quality Translators

Pharmaceutical firms, clinical research organizations, producers of surgical and medical devices, healthcare executives and biotech companies need the translation of their most confidential and sensitive documents, with accuracy and reliability. Because in the end, it is after all our health and people take big decisions based on these documents.

Secure Documents

We strongly believe that privacy is a human right and we maintain maximum security and privacy of all our client's information and professional document translation services. We value our long-term relationships and our security measure to deliver that is optimum. Hence, your medical documents are secured on our system and we don't share anything with third parties.

Honest Pinch Pricing

Our pricing plans are not just transparent but cost-effective for our clients, as we maintain maximum transparency in payments that help us build a long time trust with our clientele. That is why we have long-term relationships in building a solid client correspondence.

Fast Turnaround

We understand how important professional document translations services are to global business hubs and our effort and strive to deliver such quality work in the most practical and shortest turnaround time is what helps us grow to be the professionals we are today. So, you don't have to worry about your deliverables getting to you on time.

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Our Medical Translation Team of Experts

Our pool of medical translators makes sure that your medical translation services online are fool proof and maintains the highest level of accurate translations. Even if it is life sciences translation services or even German medical translations our medical translators can deliver you your requirement. Our medical language experts are catered to meet and lift the benchmark every each time.

High Quality

In providing you with the highest quality medical translations we only utilize expert translators who are either doctors or people having the deep attachment with this niche, having experience in various particular medical documents and medical possessing language degrees. Our medical translators are highly scrutinized and quality controlled.

Delivery of Medical Translation in Time with Zero Error

We provide nothing but the best in the field and our medical translation experts are catered to do exactly that. In fact, nothing is too big for our team in terms of medical translation services online, our pool of industry specific and medical language experts are there to make sure your documents get the optimum quality in translation.

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Double Controlled Medical Translation

Whether it is medical translation English to Arabic we believe that the check and balance is a two-way road. Our industry specific medical translation experts are always proofreading and adapting to local and accurate medical terms and also our review team medical translation experts make sure that the language is communicating the core and accurate information.

Our strive in maintaining accuracy in any form of medical process translation is unhindered and we believe that if the test loses its original meaning then that is not translating. So, we come with the research and check and balance that works both ways to make sure your medical process and medical documents is translated to its accurate and original meaning.

Our technical translators make sure that the original meaning is accurate in all your technical documents given for translation without losing the essence of the subject matter.

While translating a legal text, our legal translation experts keep in mind that the legal content of the source text is structured in a way that suits that culture and this is reflected in that legal language; similarly the target text is to be read by someone who is familiar with his culture-specific legal system.

We at Translate Universal work with “sworn in legal translators” or “certified translators” from all over the world who acknowledge the delicate and cultural parameters in international business relationships.

They are qualified to use their legal expertise to translate your documents in compliance with local regulatory departments. This reduces the rate of mistranslation of documents and prevents future lawsuits and loss of revenue.

Our vigor for originality in translation is unhindered and we believe that if the test loses its original meaning then that is not translating. So, we come with the research and check and balance that works both ways to make sure your brand communication or professional document is translated to its accurate and original meaning.

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Why do you need medical translation services? 

With over 244 million international migrants living around the world today, there is a growing need for certified medical translation services and medical records to be translated. It is extremely vital that health care professionals communicate effectively in order to treat patients. Medical workers that speak a different language to their patients are at risk of mistreating patients because the medical history or complaint of the patient can be interpreted incorrectly or not understood at all. This is just not a very serious issue but needs to be handled with care.

Medical translation is a unique field. Practitioners need to have an academic qualification in medicine. The medical and pharmaceutical industry is practically an industry of its own. Jargon is not clear and can easily be misinterpreted.  Translating medical records involves examining notes written in shorthand as most doctors scribble notes in shorthand.

We at Translate Universal make sure these little lags are out of the way and the medical community can avail the accurate translations anywhere in the world, and this helps to treat patients better and with more precision. 

No amount of work is too much for us, just contact us with your requirements in medical translation services and we will set you a speedy delivery date so you can be rest assured that your medical documents will not lose its accuracy during the translation process. 

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