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A notarized translation is when a translator swears in front of a notary that his/her translation is accurate and complete. Of course, the notary charges a fee for it, and at Translate Universal, we provide all these services seamlessly.

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One of the main difference between certified and notarized translation is that, in a notarized translation, the translator has to provide a statement that his/her translation is accurate. Many government bodies around the world demand such notarized translation of government documents.

This is where we at Translate Universe has mastered the technique to provide feature rich and cost effective notarized translation services online.

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Quality Translators

Even if you need a notarized translation of your birth certificate, our multilingual translators make sure that your translation is intact in its original meaning. Our translators are experienced in all kinds of certified translations of government documents, like applications, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.

Secure Documents

Many of our clients are probably applying for their immigration purposes and many of their documents go through my sensitive government bodies. We firmly prioritize our client's privacy rights and we do not share our client's documents with any third party individuals or companies. Your documents are completely safe with us on our highly secured web portal.

Honest Pricing

We hold no hidden or additional fees or costs to your requirements. We bill you exactly as it is and keep absolute transparency in providing you the memos. We believe that our client's relationships are built on trust and we deliver that commitment every day or all our clients around the world.

Fast Turnaround

We believe deadlines are important, and that is why we only choose the most experienced notarized translator to tend to your requirements. So, if you are even looking for notarized translations in the UK, you would still get your assignment with accuracy delivered on time from us.

Our end to end internal system is built to cut down on all delays whatsoever.

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Notarized Translation Team

Translate Universal offers notarized translation service with burning a hole in your pocket. Our experienced team of notarized translators is constantly working to make sure that your documents are translated regionally and culturally keeping the original meaning intact. Making sure your government work and procedures are unhindered.

Timely Commitment

We are absolutely committed to what we do. We have proven ourselves to be trustworthy with a variety of clients globally spread, taking services from our highly experienced Notarized translators.

Zero Error

Our certified and professional team of people have been in the business long enough to know exactly how to provide you with the best translation service with zero error that helps your documents pass through various global government departments.

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Double Controlled Notarized Translation

Translate Universal employs professional and certified translators who are qualified, bilingual native speakers. They are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise. We go through a very in-depth selection process to make sure your documents get the best services in translations. This enables us to provide you with the highest possible linguistic quality in a current cultural context. Every completed Translate Universal translation is checked in two folds for quality. Our editors and proofreaders make sure back and forth that you are getting the most accurate translation with government recognized notary services.

We cross check your documents before delivery through lawyers form many legal backgrounds. Our translated documents have been produced in court in a various country like Canada, USA, Uk etc.

This may depend on the state where you live as each one may have different rules regarding such requirements. Whatever the reasons may be for requiring death certificate translation services, there is nothing better than being assured of getting the best translation than by using a translator from translate Universal which is double controlled by review & quality check team to make sure document translated 100% correctly.

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