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We at Translate Universal provide technical patent translations in all accepting formats for filing and proceeding in the country you require, and we ensure that our notarized and sworn translator statements are included.

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We understand that patent translations are an integral part of gaining legal protection for intellectual property and we stand by those commitments.

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Why Use Translate Universal?

Quality Translators

By using teams comprised of specialists from mechanical engineers to medical doctors and even pharmacologists and much more, with legal experts to meet your patent translations services, we achieve the best possible results, i.e. accurate translations of highly technical documents.

Secure Documents

We value our client's privacy over everything else. Our business motto is governed around that for patent translation services. We know that patent documents are confidential and contain much of legally sue-able documentations. Our end to end secured web portal guarantees absolute privacy maintained and upheld.

Honest Pricing

Translate Universal as a team believes that the only way you can have a long-term relationship with a client is through trust building. We maintain disclosure and transparency with all our clients and we don't have any hidden charges in billing them.

Fast Turnaround

The array of notarized and certified translators are our strength. We make sure that your assignment is handled and delivered within your stipulated date so you don't miss out on any proceedings whatsoever.

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Patent Translation Service Team

Patent translations provided by Translate Universal are routinely provided at patent offices globally, including the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Japanese Patent Office (JPO), the State of Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO), European Patent Office (EPO), and many others.

Quality Assurance

Our pioneered patent translators ensure for complex patent litigation case that includes everything from on-site document citing and document translation to courtroom interpretation services almost everywhere in the world.
We work in all languages and assign only qualified and certified professional patent translators to deliver your assignments.

Delivery of Patent Translation in Time with Zero Error

To ensure our patents translation services, we only work with translators who have specific experience in translating patents. This enables us to ensure that our translated patents comply with all conventions pan-globally in filing them in their target markets.

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Double Controlled Patent Translation Service

In patent translation, not simply just accuracy but terminologies and styles are essential. To ensure that the language of the finished translation submits to the accepted patent style in the country selected, we at Translate Universal make sure the translations are carried out by qualified and certified professionals translating into their native language.

The translations are in turn subjected to an individual and heavily detailed proofreading by a second certified translator with an extensive patent translation experience. These firm quality control procedures do guarantee the conformity of the delivered translation to global and native benchmarks.

We then hand it to our proofreaders who check the use of appropriate terminology and the correct layout and format, also including the correct certification required by the particular country you have targeted.

These efforts and strict measures help us at Translate Universal deliver you nothing short of unbeatable and global quality in your patent translation services requirements.

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