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Translate Universal is equipped with giving you a 360 degree for your software localization requirements. Our services make sure that your software is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate in your TG.

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We offer a functioning test and make sure that our end to end automated process is always cross-checking and reviewing every element of your software language. Our software, engineers, certified translators make sure that your website or software reads appropriately across all languages.

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Why Use Translate Universal?

Quality Localization Engineers

The best software localization comes from the most experienced localization engineers. We select only the most certified and credible engineers to make sure that your software is embedded with all the necessary linguistic elements of your TG.

Secure Documents

One of the biggest worries with software localization companies is that they tend to have slack privacy rules. But, we at Translate Universal are committed firmly to the idea that our client's privacy is above all. We share none of your documents with third party individuals/companies.

Honest Pricing

Translate Universal holds no additional costs. None of our memos are attached with hidden fees, and we maintain absolute transparency with all our clients. We believe trust is the way to a fruitful partnership with our clients.

Fast Turnaround

We at Translate Universal use the industry's best practices and the up to date innovations to benefit from, and whenever possible, automate, each step of the software localization process. From the identification process which includes extraction of localizable elements. Not forgetting, the re-engineering and final testing of across many languages, we make sure all of that is automated.

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Software Localization Expert Team

For each industry and language, we assign the subject matter experts. Who are native translators and have extensive experience, with highly successful records in the assigned field. Our Localization engineers are highly technical and trained to meet all your software localization needs.

Timely Commitment

Our experts are always client focused and combined with that urgency they are constantly working to make sure your software localization services are getting the best quality. Unique to our company, we provide state of the art software translation services as an agency through innovate automated system and communication systems.

Zero Error

Our testing solutions at Translate Universal makes sure that your software, websites, and multimedia will perform consistently across languages, operating systems, browsers, channels, and devices—avoiding unwanted and costly delays and potentially harmful pitfalls.

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Double Controlled Software Localization

The hardest part of software localization services is that even the best of the best linguists and engineers cannot foresee problems that only appear in the runtime environment. By testing your software in its native context, we detect the patterns of mistakes that degrade the end user experience and results in below standard performance.

We at Translate Universal work with you to tailor an approach that aligns intuitively with your internal operations and personnel based on our industry-leading practices. Our two-fold check and balance system make sure you get the nothing short of the best in services for software localization from certified translators and localization engineers.

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