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Our extensive and authentic technical translation services make sure that your company's technical documents are understandable over every target region of activation.

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One of the major requirements of global companies is the need to share documents cross-culturally. The extensive exchange of technical documents and mostly creating manuals for every region of activation is crucial. That’s where we as a technical translation service has excelled.

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Why Use Translate Universal?

Quality Translators

To our team what matters is the accuracy of your technical document combined with absolute clear communication that leaves no questions in your target audiences minds. Whether it is Russian to English technical translation online or even if you need a long-term technical translation agency; we at Translate Universal come equipped to handle that.

Secure Documents

Our client's privacy is of maximum importance to the core of our business. We strongly prioritize the privacy of our client's technical documents and so does our linguistics team. Our long-term relationships with our clients are solely based on this integral and trust building approach.

Pocket Pinch Pricing

Our clients trust us one single premise and that is, we keep our pricing plans honest and transparent. We have no additional or hidden fees so when we present the quotes to our clients, we maintain maximum integrity.

Fast Turnaround

We understand time is money and that is why we make sure our turnaround time in minimalistic and also realistic for your requirement. Our efforts are rooted in how effectively we can deliver you the assignment with the maximum quality meeting.

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Our Technical Translation Team of Experts

The scope, extent and quality standards of our technical communication work reflect years of experience and deep client collaboration. Our consultative approach, custom workflows, and compatible technologies enable the effective reuse of your content across multiple content management and authoring platforms.

Quality of technical translation starts with the quality of the translators. At our company, we believe that only translators trained in the sciences and engineering can reliably understand the technical concepts they are translating. Our translators have both advanced technical degrees, such as MSEE or PhD, and industry expertise specific to each client’s needs, providing customized Certified Technical Translation Services in all the major Asian, European, African, American and Middle Eastern languages.

Delivery of Technical Translation in Time with Zero Error

So to us, it doesn't matter which language you need your technical translation to be done, we are a one-stop solution to your requirements. Whether it is Japanese technical translation services, German technical translation services or even translations of scientific texts. Our pool of experts is trained to deliver the optimum quality.

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Double Controlled Technical Translation

Whether it is Arabic to English technical translation or even Spanish to any other language technical translations, we believe that our strength in the quality check is what makes us special to your long-term clients. Our linguistics and industry-specific technical translators are not just proofreading and changing to the local dialects and jargons for the technicalities, we make sure that your technical document gets the accurate meaning in its translation.

Our technical translators make sure that the original meaning is accurate in all your technical documents given for translation without losing the essence of the subject matter.

While translating a legal text, our legal translation experts keep in mind that the legal content of the source text is structured in a way that suits that culture and this is reflected in that legal language; similarly the target text is to be read by someone who is familiar with his culture-specific legal system.

We at Translate Universal work with “sworn in legal translators” or “certified translators” from all over the world who acknowledge the delicate and cultural parameters in international business relationships.

They are qualified to use their legal expertise to translate your documents in compliance with local regulatory departments. This reduces the rate of mistranslation of documents and prevents future lawsuits and loss of revenue.

Our vigor for originality in translation is unhindered and we believe that if the test loses its original meaning then that is not translating. So, we come with the research and check and balance that works both ways to make sure your brand communication or professional document is translated to its accurate and original meaning.

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Why do you need Technical Translation Services Online? 

One of the main reasons you would need technical translation agencies is when you have the bulk technical documentation and manuals that have to be delivered on time to your target audiences over regions. 

Technical language translation services mean you have access to your target audiences for an extended period of time and your documentation does not lose its meaning in translation to your overseas stakeholders. 

Technical document translation services online are not just cost-effective but the speedy delivery means you can grow faster with these services to make sure your technical and scientific texts and documentation is meeting the purpose of the matter. Whether it is professional Arabic technical translations online or even French technical translations, to us there is no language that can’t be translated with the right experts.

Technical translation doesn’t just need a linguistics translator but also a translator form an industry-specific background. Having the ability to translate technical documents and keeping the main meaning at source comes from years of industry experience. And we bring exactly that to you. Our experienced and industry-specific team of linguistics translators are trained to meet your quality benchmarks for your technical translation services requirements.

We will match your project to a linguist who has the requisite knowledge of your particular industry. We have linguists specializing in all technical translation services online like; engineering, medical science, electronics, manufacturing, computers and software, and many other industries. Our linguists are up to date with the industry-specific changes and always on time with their research on the accurate jargons.

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